Plutonians is a forthcoming Metaverse (VR + crypto) space strategy game that blends elements of strategy RPG (Homeworld), shooter action (Escape Velocity), multiplayer PvE (Destiny style raids), and social alternate reality games (Discord, VR Chat, etc). Building on the promise of openness and in the spirit of the expectations the Metaverse has brought with it, the game is web3 enabled, allowing players to own, swap, and trade their in-game items in a meaningful way. In pragmatic terms, the game is built from the ground up as a JSON-RPC standard with world building tools Hammer (asset editor), Forge (world builder), and Anvil (story builder) which enables players and indie game devs alike to get involved creating their own expansion packs for fun (or profit). In this way we leave the “Plutonians Expanded Universe” as free and open as the Metaverse demands.

Gameplay will be interwoven with blockchain. For example, space travel will be facilitated by literally burning the fuel tokens ($PU238). The bigger your ship, the more tokens it will require to move around but also the more you can carry, unlocking larger transport missions etc. In terms of destination screens, at first the focus would be to a simple webXR interface to the main JSON-RPC gameplay engine which would run on mobile and desktop. This is the foundational game interface upon which others can be built.

VR-enabled Demo: