Unreal Engine Expert

The position

This is an exciting opportunity work on an impactful new IP as Unreal Engine Expert joining our Game Design team.

Experienced Unreal Engine expert to join us as a key real-time team member as we build an Unreal Version of our VR and crypto enhanced Metaverse game. You will collaborate with our team of programmers, artists, and game designers to create a high quality Unreal Engine version of the crypto enabled game.

About U.A.Fabrica

Founded on the vision of creating empowering Metaverse games and experiences, U.A.Fabrica is a global alignment of some of the most talented and creative people in the emerging worlds of of web3 and VR gaming.


Strong background as a CG Generalist

  • Previous work experience in one of the following focus areas: shading, lighting, scripts/pipeline work, optimization, VFX

  • Strong prototyping skills

  • Experience creating blueprints, developing tools, automating tasks, working with shaders, and all post-process materials in Unreal Engine

  • Ability to develop clear and concise content guidelines and workflows to ensure best practices among the Unreal Engine team

  • Thorough understanding of how to optimize scenes by reducing scene complexity, analyzing content using profiling tools and/or spreadsheets, adjusting project graphics settings, and/or negotiating between art/code to find best compromises

  • Solid understanding of trigonometry and vector math

  • Experience with programming languages such as Python and C++

  • Ability to talk to programmers, artists, producers, and designers and explain technical issues in a clear and approachable manner

Bonus Skills and Experience

  • Understanding and ability to communicate to others how the various parts of a computer work together to render a scene, from loading the data from the hard drive to presenting it as an image to the player

  • Skinning, Rigging and Bone Retargeting for Humanoids or Digital Humans in Unreal

  • Knowledge of particle systems in Unreal Engine

  • Understanding of vertex painting, foliage painting, and landscape editing tools using Unreal

  • Knowledge of virtual production real-time compositing using Composure in Unreal.

  • Understanding of Take Recorder in Unreal

  • Ability to create reusable import protocols using Unreal

  • Understanding of Adobe Suite (Substance, Designer, Photoshop)

  • Experience with Quixel Suite (Megascans, Bridge, and/or Mixer)

  • Experience with Perforce

This position can be conducted entirely via remote if required.

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